Project Description

Felix & Fanny

A Musical
Music & Lyrics by Julia Gregory
Additional Lyrics by Renato Biribin, Jr.

Felix Mendelssohn, one of the most famous composers of the 19th Century, attained fame, respect, and notoriety throughout Europe. Felix’s brilliant older sister, Fanny, was also a child prodigy, however due to societal conventions, Fanny was deprived of the chance to share her own virtuosity and compositions with the world during her lifetime.

A rising nationalistic Germany is the background to this musical, which explores sibling rivalry, jealousy, passion, inspiration, grief and discrimination in the form of religious, gender-based and racial prejudice. At the heart of this musical is one woman’s brave struggle to preserve and foster her artistry in the face of enormous adversity.

International Musical Theater Competition (Normandy, France)
Winner – Best New Musical